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Make Your Parents Proud and Become a Curbed Intern!

After successfully crushing the souls of our fall '09 free laborers, we're back in the hunt for a new crop of Curbed Interns! Are you an eager, perhaps college-age person who happens to read and enjoy Curbed on a daily basis? (Note: enjoyment not required.) If so, this opportunity may be for you. We're looking for interns with journalism in their blood to join our merry band ASAP. Responsibilities may include (a) attending long, boring meetings from which you may be required to file entertaining and witty reports; (b) dashing from Curbed HQ to the scene of breaking news with camera in hand; and (c) undertaking onerous, occasionally terrible research projects. The pay shall be zero dollars. Timing's very flexible, but Tuesday availability is a bonus. Interested persons should send an email to with a brief description of yourself and your interest in the gig. No attachments, please. If we like what we see, we'll get back to you quickly. Thanks.