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East 26th Street's Cheap Triplex for One

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This Halstead listing at 160 East 26th Street (between Third/Lex) popped up on our funky fresh radar for a couple reasons. Rarely do we see a triplex apartment that only has one bedroom, and an even rarer sight might be a Manhattan triplex priced at just $569,000. This, amigos, is both. We had to go in for a look, and on closer inspection, yep, it's kind of funky! Through the front door is the small first level with just a kitchen and bathroom. Stairs go down to a 20' x 11'' living room, and off that there are a few little baby steps down to the bedroom. Calling it a real "triplex" is fudging with the rules, we think, but what do you call it? Check out the funky floorplan.

The place certainly has its charms, including that fireplace in the living room, but this is an odd little sliver of Gramurray living, no?
· Listing: 160 East 26th Street [Halstead]