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The Best of Hamptons Summer Rentals; The Market Highs of 2005

The latest headlines from Curbed Hamptons, our outpost on the East End...

1) Curbed Hamptons is taking a look at summer rentals this month. So far: Sagaponack's 10 priciest rentals, and 10 horse country rentals for those whose summer plans include pretending to be Madonna.

2) Amagansett's own Matthew Broderick will be starring in a new comedy show called "Beach Lane," about the struggles of a small-town Hamptons newspaper. (Sounds hilarious, right, journalists?) In case the show makes it big and sends legions of fans in search of the actual Beach Lane, the street does have something on the market.

3) As the latest wave of market reports winds down, brokerage Town & Country offers a five-year retrospective. The upshot: 2005 was a good year (as illustrated above), with record sales in 11 Hamptons markets. 2007 will be remembered for pricing peaks. 2009-2010? Not so much.

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