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Hudson Square Hotel Project Heads Back to the Drawing Board

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Hudson Square game-changer the Viceroy Hotel was reported to be on ice last year, and now Downtown Express brings a load of new information about the 330 Hudson Street project, all of it amounting to...well, nothing happening. Property owner Trinity has broken ties with developer Tribeca Associates, costing the developer the more than $50 million invested in demolition, environmental work, foundation pouring, and rent paid up front on part of the 99-year lease. (Note carefully, developers: Tribeca Associates' mistake may have been attempting to get a tenant at another Trinity property to decamp to 330 Hudson.) So where's the Viceroy Hotel project at now? A little place called square one. According to a Trinity higher-up: "The property is back in our possession, and we'll be exploring options from here on out." While they explore, at least there will still be Trump Soho to stay in. Er, someday.
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