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Catching Up With Isis, New Goddess of the Upper East Side

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Been some time since Yorkville's Isis adorably topped out with a bunch of local first graders on hand. Close observers will remember this FXFowle-designed tower at 77th Street and Second Avenue as the UES development that temporarily halted sales when the market entered its tailspin, but what's up since? Well, construction is zipping along, and the 19-story building is looking a lot darker than initially rendered. Things are brighter inside, as seen in photos of the model apartments posted on the project's website (some interior shots in the gallery above). As for sales, StreetEasy shows only one unit in contract, but we're hoping that's just because the in-house sales team has been slow to update the records. Why do we care? Because developer Alchemy Properties likes to do things against the grain, including fessing up to price cuts instead of trying to hide their shame.

On the Isis website, there are two columns on the availability page dedicated to pricing: purchase price and revised purchase price. We're all for sharing this info with curious consumers, but it remains to be seen if further PriceChopping will result in revised revised purchase price breakdowns. Here's a look at the menu:

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