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DJ AM's Downtown Apartment Hits the Market

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Celebrity turntablist Adam "DJ AM" Goldstein died from an accidental drug overdose in his One Kenmare Square apartment last August. Now the notorious piece of property is back on the market, and Goldstein's estate might be looking to make quick work of the sale. The 1,147-square-foot condo in the André Balazs-developed undulating building on the Soho/Nolita border is asking $1.795 million, which is $200k less than Goldstein paid for the place in 2007. According to the listing?from bragalicious broker-to-the-stars Jared Seligman?Goldstein combined the two bedrooms into one big master bedroom with a sitting area and desk. The place looks great, but buyers should beware the makings of a curse: The apartment's only owner before Goldstein was killed in a motorcycle crash.

· Listing: 210 Lafayette #7A [Elliman]
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One Kenmare Square

210 Lafayette Street, New York, NY 10012