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Nightlife Entrepreneurs Surrender, Apologize for UES Reputation

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You don't need to talk to the owners of the shuttered Beatrice Inn or the shuttered Ballroom at the Jane Hotel to find out how strong the People have gotten in the never-ending war on nightlife. Just read the Internet! The City that Never Sleeps used to have nightlife operators that imposed their harsh brand of vigilante justice (think lots of clacking stiletto heels) on neighborhoods that dared speak out about paltry quality-of-life issues, but now? Well...

1) West Chelsea residents already tired of throbbing beats showed up at a Community Board 4 meeting to rally against a plan to re-open the legendary megaclub the Roxy (last seen getting cleaned up by the High Line's shock troops). Partyboys vs. locals showdowns at torturous community board meetings are nothign new, but Chelsea Now reports that the would-be club operators announced they were abandoning the proposal before the first insult could even be hurled. Said the Roxy applicant, "We had a great plan, but we had a meeting and the community didn't want it, and I don't need an uphill battle."

2) When frat-tastic bar Aces & Eights opened in the old Mo Pitkin's space on Avenue A, it drew the ire of blogger EV Grieve and his merry band of Mars Bar-loving commenters. Hurt by the insults, the bar's manager reached out for "ideas from the community as to how we could improve your quality of life," and now EV Grieve reports that the bar is exhibiting art to appease, as the press release puts it, "East Village residents concerned about the bar’s Upper-East-Side, preppy reputation."

Outright surrender? Apologizing for sharing a homeland with Gossip Girl?! The will of the nightlife operator has clearly been broken. Will it ever return?
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