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Curbed Poll: Help Decide This Greenpoint Ugly-Off!

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It's hard to miss this pair of new buildings that are helping to define the new Greenpoint skyline. So hard. Tragically hard. So which is uglier? We can't decide, so we're kicking it to a vote. But first, some notes on the contestants.

1) 200 Franklin Street, a 12-story, 17-unit finger building classified on building permits as a "vertical enlargement." Architect: Karl Fischer, of Karl Fischer fame. Cons: Neighborhood outrage over the building led to a poster campaign dubbing the tower the "Horror of Franklin Street." Pros: Rental listings are online, so at least it's not stalled!

2) 524 Manhattan Avenue, slated for 12 stories and 14 apartments. Architect: Harry Hong, of 38 Delancey fame. Cons: People trying to enjoy McCarren Park are forced to look at it; located in a Bermuda Triangle of architectural despair. Pros: We heard a rumor that two units are promised to the developer's sons, so at least the responsible party's loved ones will be forced into the belly of this beast.

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