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Madonna's Lower East Side Dream House Now for Sale

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Since 1977 the freestanding four-story building at 75 Essex Street has been home to Eisner Brothers, the cluttered sports apparel superstore that on the inside looks at least 100 years older. The building itself dates back nearly two centuries, but the last 10 of those years has seen the radical (and literal!) rags-to-riches transformation of the Lower East Side, and so it's time for the Eisners to cash out. The building is now up for sale for $18 million, including the parking lot and a bunch of unused air rights. The listing makes it clear the building will be delivered vacant, and is perfect for conversion to condos ("akin to Nolita's Candle Building"), a hotel, office building or whatever else a buyer has in mind. The current owners have a few thoughts on the topic, too.

Bowery Boogie spoke with one of the Eisners, who said the preservation of the building's facade will be written into the contract. He also suggested a swimming pool behind the building and gave his take on the hopeful outcome: "It will be left as is on the outside and become a single-family home for a famous person? Someone like Madonna." Hey, why not? Madge already suffered the shame of buying east of Lex, so why not below Delancey?
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