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High Line Haiku Results; Central Park Going Corporate?

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MEPA/WEST CHELSEA?On Friday we announced our High Line haiku contest for Curbed Newsletter subscribers, with a High Line gift pack up for grabs. Here's the winner! "High Line in new dress! / Mischievous spring winds taunting / All can see my tush." Gripping! The gift pack includes a High Line t-shirt, booklet and a botlle of Bond No. 9's new High Line scent, the "world's first railroad perfume!" Smell that? It's meatpacking history! It's not too late to sign up for the Curbed Newsletter to be eligible for future giveaways. Just enter you email address in the box over on the right. [CurbedWire Staff]

CENTRAL PARK?Pastry chain Le Pain Quotidien won a heated competition to open some new concessions in Central Park, and the Historic Districts Council is not pleased with the company's café plans for the Mineral Spring Comfort Station near the Sheep Meadow. The proposal goes before the Landmarks Preservation Commission tomorrow, and here's some of what the HDC will say: "The bright signage along with the fussy wall planters would call too much attention to this structure, a stark service building constructed in 1959 amidst Olmsted and Vaux's world-famous, Romantic design. The installation of such a sign would start an uncomfortable precedent of brightly branding Central Park with corporate logos. Doing so stands in stark contrast to the idea of a public park created so that citizens could retreat from the glare and bustle of daily life and into the beauty and serenity of nature." Let's see this sign of horrors! [CurbedWire Inbox]