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Aloft Hotel Needs a Bit More Time Before Hipping Up Harlem

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One big piece of Harlem's hot development corridor of Frederick Douglass Boulevard is the new Aloft hotel opening this summer at 124th Street. A check of the brand's website shows that the opening of the 12-story building?which wraps around an old carriage house?has been pushed back from June 1 to July 1, but looking at Harlem Bespoke's construction shots of the barely-glassed building, we're thinking July might be a stretch. Harlem Bespoke also speculates that the Aloft might be the Central Harlem mystery location where celebrity chef Marcus Samuelsson is planning his latest restaurant, Red Rooster. If memory serves us correctly, the 124-room hotel was supposed to have 44 apartments as well. Any word on the whereabouts of those?
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