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Selldorf Brings Starchitecture, Recycling to the People

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While future residents anxiously await Annabelle Selldorf's 200 Eleventh Avenue and its sky garages, it turns out there's going to be a piece of the sky magic for the little people, too. Archpaper shares some renderings of Selldorf's newest project: a recycling center in Sunset Park. Starchitecture for change! The project was a toughie because of its tight $89 million budget, but the result still seems pretty nifty to our untrained eyes. The design consists of linked buildings, the first of which extends over the water so recyclable materials can be brought in by barge. The design also incorporates a 3.5-acre park and solar roof panels for added green-ness. For the sky garage lovers, this complex contains a skybridge so people can watch the recycling process without accidentally getting recycled themselves. And what's to come might be even wackier, Archpaper reports: "there has even been talk of using goats to maintain lawns instead of mowers." Please let this be more than talk.

And that skybridge:

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