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Dramatic Soho Facade Facelift is a Croc

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The scaffolding is coming down at 143 Spring Street, the 1818 Federal-era building taken over and extensively renovated by footwear company Crocs, and our history-loving homey Lost City has the pictures. The biggest change (other than the building going from selling BBQ to rubber sandals) is the re-bricked south wall, which Lost City thinks looks "a bit antiseptic, a tad too scrubbed clean. Is it me, or does that brick wall look like it could be on the side of a brand new condo in Queens?" Racked seems to agree, calling the botoxed beauty the "Nicole Kidman of Federal-era architecture." Ouch! Still looks better than what's going to be displayed on the inside, no?

Here's how the building looked back in the Tennessee Mountain days:

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