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Flashy New 200 West Opens Monday, Gives Preview Today

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The Upper West Side's glassy newcomer at Broadway and 72nd Street, a luxury rental building dubbed 200 West, has dropped its construction shed and fully launched its website, showing off all sorts of goodies. Immediately we're drawn to that rooftop terrace, with major views, an open-air fireplace (perfect for cooking up some dogs and saving a trip to Gray's Papaya across the street) and a 12' misting wall and adjacent wet bar for keeping things cool. Along West 72nd Street is the lobby, "a sequence of three distinct spaces" and the way into the rental units at The Corner, as the gang at the Gotham Organization calls it. The foyer is topped by a ginormous chandelier with, count 'em, 1,750 LED-lit crystals. Further inside is reception, all brown and beige with travertine floors and limestone walls, plus a 15' bronze wall. That leads to the "glass corridor" that shuffles to the elevators, and up to a plethora of floorplan options given variety by the building's obtuse angle and wicked overhang.

The building also has a second website set up to lure additional retail clients. Already Trader Joe's has laid claim to over 20,000 square feet, most of it safely situated deep underground (the opening is now scheduled for autumn). If cash is crucial there'll be a Bank of America filling up the broad curve of The Corner window and taking up nearly half the ground floor. The full second floor with adjoining mezzanine is still up for grabs, and anyone looking to have their name up in lights over Broadway might want to take a look.

As for rents on the apartments in the Handel Architects-designed building, the kind lady that picked up the phone in The Corner office told us that the official grand opening is Monday, and interested renters can right this very second schedule an appointment to hear the full spiel. In other words, they're not saying. At least not yet. But one thing we know: Chandeliers of insanity and freaky glass chambers don't come cheap.
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200 West 72nd Street, New York, NY