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Long Island City Wants P.S. 1 to Tear Down This Wall!

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Long Island City art museum P.S. 1 had big plans for the renovation of its Jackson Avenue entrance, including some snazzy LED lighting. One thing they didn't change: the concrete wall that separates P.S. 1 from its neighbor, Community Board 2. And it turns out a 16-foot wall translates to at least 16 feet of pure Community Board rage. Or, as CB 2's chair put it to the Post, "The prison on Van Dam Street has a better feel than this concrete wall....The amount of input that was put into this was zero from the community." The wall encloses a courtyard where art exhibitions are held. CB 2 had suggested maybe adding some plants along the wall, but P.S. 1 said plant maintenance would cost too much. But maybe they were just trying to keep the pole dance away from impressionable community board eyes?
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