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New East Williamsburg Rental Building Has Read Your Mind

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Another day, another new-to-market Williamsburg rental building, this time a little more in East Williamsburg territory. Please welcome 150 Johnson Avenue, a 42-unit project slated for April 1 move-ins. We confess that the tagline?"it's as if your mental checklist was our blueprint"?and the brain graphics have us a little creeped out, but hey, at least now we know where the zombies will be going first. And we can't fault the incentives that the developers' mind-reading techniques inspired: no broker fees, a month's free rent, and a free bike for each person on the lease, just in time for the spring resumption of Williamsburg's bike wars. So what's it all going for?

According to a press release from the building's marketing team, one-bedrooms start at $1,700 per month (and range from 582 to 820 square feet), and two-bedrooms start at $2,100 per month (for 700 to 900 square feet). The actual listings show prices that are a little lower, with one-bedrooms starting at $1,512 and two-bedrooms at $1,718, perhaps reflecting the inclusion of that free month. The sales team tells us deposits have already been placed on 17 of the apartments. As for other amenities for the non-bike-inspired, there's a fitness room, storage, and a billiard room. We hear billiard cues are also useful when the zombies show up.
· Official site: 150 Johnson Avenue [] [Warning: brains!]
· Listings: 150 Johnson Avenue []

150 Johnson Avenue

150 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, NY

150 Johnson Avenue

150 Johnson Avenue, Brooklyn, New York