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This No Means No for Townhouses at Slope's Garfield Sparta

Despite some pretty clear indications that the Board of Standards & Appeals wasn't too excited about the developer's proposed changes to the Enrique Norten project at 580 Carroll Street (aka Garfield Sparta), the developers kept on truckin'. They went back in front of the BSA to argue that aspects of the site had created hardship for the project, and therefore they should be allowed to be build three additional townhouses on the Park Slope site (in addition to what they've already built, right) on land earmarked for a front yard. The BSA took some time to think about it, but came back earlier this week with another unanimous no for the developers. And it sounds like this one might be final.

UPDATE: The BSA passed along its actual resolution, which doesn't look too kindly on the developers' pleas: "The applicant's inability to realize a reasonable return is due to mismanagement rather than actual costs...any hardship claimed by the applicant is self-created." Choice words!
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580 Carroll St

580 Carroll Street, Brooklyn, NY 11215