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After Complaints, Brooklyn's Strangest Hotel Shuts Itself Up

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In another victory for nightlife-hating neighbors, Hotel Le Bleu?the pricey Park Slope boutique hotel that tries to make gritty Fourth Avenue glow?shuttered its controversial rooftop lounge Vue this week. Soon after opening, Vue morphed into a bass-pumping nightclub that got locals, particularly those at the newish Novo Park Slope condo building, all riled up, and the complaints started working their way up the ladder. In the end, even the hotel's owners were squabbling with the club's operators, which might have done in the place more so than any neighborhood gripes. Vue is being replaced with an Italian restaurant, and one Novo resident tells the Brooklyn Paper, "All of us who worked so hard to bring this annoyance to the attention of authorities should go have a party at that restaurant." Sure, just remember to keep it down up there!
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