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Waiting on Nolita Rehab; Evolution of the EV's Crazy Landlord

NOLITA?The boarded-up 244 Elizabeth is waiting on its rehab by the city and conversion to low-income co-ops, but a tipster says don't hold your breath: "Called the name on the permits at the city's office about if this is ever going to happen. He said the Mayor’s OMB (Office of Management and Budget) is holding it up for shifting priorities. He said it will eventually get done, but doesn’t know when. An eyesore on a great block." [CurbedWire Inbox]

EAST VILLAGE?A reader offers this observation on the "Call Crazy Landlord" sign that's been affixed to the boarded-up space on Second Avenue and East 3rd Street forever (it's even in Google Street View): "Funny thing is when you Google image search 'call crazy landlord' you can trace the evolution of the graffiti on the building - from when there's just this sign, then some torn posters, then tagging, then the image of the man holding a little sign that reads, 'I can't afford to heart NY' ... It's odd.'" [CurbedWire Inbox]