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Dumbo Apartment Always Keeps Its Feline Friends in Mind

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This on-the-market 1BR, 1BA at Dumbo's 100 Jay Street (ask: $679,000) has the most detailed for sale by owner website we've ever seen, but that's not what makes it deserving of Funky Friday status. It's also the only apartment we've seen with customization for cats. It's worth a look at the video walk-through, but here's a preview: wall-mounted shelves create a staircase to a carpeted "catwalk" near the ceiling, which clawed creatures can also reach via a built-in scratching post/climbing pole. Come to think of it, we're surprised these weren't more common boom-time amenities.
· New to Market: 100 Jay Street #6E []
· Listing: 100 Jay Street #6E []

J Condo

100 Jay Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201