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Help Wanted: Curbed Seeks Weekend Blogger!

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Are you an open house addict? Do you wake up early on a Saturday morning to comb through online real estate listings? Does the Real Estate section of the Sunday Times get your blood boiling? Are you literate? Then have we got the opportunity for you! Curbed is seeking a weekend blogger with real writing chops and passion for all things real estate-crazy in New York City. The part-time/freelance job incorporates coming up with new features, gathering on-the-ground intel, blogging up a storm and more. You must be based in New York City to apply, and, again, this is a weekend position, so the willingness to dedicate some of your Saturdays and Sundays comes with the turf.

Interested? Send an email to with a paragraph about yourself and a paragraph about your interest in the job. If we like what we see, we'll respond quickly with more details. Thanks.