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What $2.4 Million Buys in Williamsburg Nowadays

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The Ikon is the Karl Fischer Row building along McCarren Park that mysteriously lost its cabanas recently, but penthouse owners don't have to worry about such trivialities?they get private terraces. One of the building's four top-shelf abodes, a 2,460-square-foot, 2BR, 2.5BA unit spread over two floors, has just hit the market asking $2.399 million, or $975 per square foot. That's right, under $1,000/foot for a new penthouse with luxury touches, double-height ceilings in some rooms and views of that island across the water. The Williamsburg condo market never ceases to be interesting, eh?

We say "just hit the market" but that's not entirely true. The penthouse was listed for a few months back when the building was under construction in 2008, for $2.46 million. Not what we would call a significant PriceChop, and it doesn't looks like any of the other penthouses have sold, so this may be a testing-the-waters type of move. Are there any big fish left in Williamsburg that'll bite? According to StreetEasy, the priciest condo sale in the neighborhood in the past year was a penthouse at 125 North 10th selling for just over $1.5 million, so an Ikon deal would be pretty big.

The floorplan is a bit small for up-close analysis, but the al fresco stuff looks nice:

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