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11 Times Square Flaunts Phantom Tenants

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Aside from the promise of a few fishes down below and some legal eagles up top, pinning down prospective tenants at the new 11 Times Square office tower has proven to be problematic. But additional names were recently affixed to this 40-story skyscraper from SJP Properties. Just outside the entry doors at Eighth Avenue and 41st Street new signs have gone up for the Laerdna Corp. and Elland Lauge Associates LLC. They sound important! But our searching revealed nary a match, so either these two companies are very clandestine or the design crew from FXFowle is simply setting up some sample signage to see how it looks. And then, while sifting through the 11 Times Square website, something shiny snagged our attention. We were hooked!

Hanging up high in the tower's lobby will be a kinetic sculpture by artist Tim Prentice, who creates mobile pieces in the tradition of Alexander Calder. The sculpture at 11 Times Square, a suspended set of thin metal panels shown in a render of the lobby, will undulate over the entryway, like a school of fishies floating in the air. Following those simulated critters takes us full circle, right back to where we started and wondering about the tenants to come.
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11 Times Square

Eighth Avenue and West 42nd Street, New York, NY