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Flushing Commons Saved From Swirling Into the Abyss?

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Sometimes it feels like Flushing is bursting at the seems, and a 5.5-acre mixed-use project called Flushing Commons was supposed to cater to the booming commercial district with new office and retail space, 600 units of housing, a big YMCA, a 1.5-acre "town square" and more. That plan looked like it was flushed back in 2007 amid political squabbling and soaring costs, but hold on to your bubble tea, because it's back, baby! In fact, the EDC started up the seven-month public approval process back in January, which means, yep, more arguments. Like the one over parking, which Streetsblog dives into today. Currently the $850 million Flushing Commons calls for parking spaces for 1,600 cars, above and beyond what's required by zoning. One guess as to how Streetsblog feels about that. Hint: They drop the S-bomb all over the thing. Suburban!
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