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Buyers Put a Price on Chelsea Enclave's Holy Land

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You might remember the Chelsea Enclave as?oh lordy, where to begin? The bitter neighborhood battle over the building's size? The fact that the backyard is a semi-private park belonging to a historic seminary? The PriceChops? The epic rooftop reveal? This corner of Ninth Avenue may be quiet, but the Chelsea Enclave has been a hot topic for years. We hate to bid the chatter adieu, but the apartments in this Polshek Partnership-designed 53-unit condop are now going through the boring business of actually selling. Eight closings have reached public record, and StreetEasy lists 11 more in contract. Looks like there's some leeway on those asking prices. Hallelujah!

Pulling up the StreetEasy records (above, click to expand), a handful of sales show double-digit discounts from their most recent asking prices, though the average price paid for these high-end beauties is still about $2.4 million. That's being dragged down a bit by that $642k sale of #4L, which sticks out like a bad church Bingo caller because the cheapest asking price on an available listing is $1.325 million for an 880-square-foot 1BR. The apartment was purchased by Jeff Pennington and Jamie Kleinbaum, whose role as a real estate developer and land-use attorney might have something to do with the miraculous deal. There are many units in the building priced over the current $3.56 million high-water mark, so we're curious to see where those land. Service is adjourned.
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Chelsea Enclave

177 9th Avenue, New York, NY