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Upper East Side Townhouse is Dressed to Stand Out

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We know the Upper East Side east of Third Avenue can sometimes be a little like the Wild West. There's complete architectural lawlessness! A case in point is 203 East 71st Street, where the 25-foot-wide facade is probably ruining some irate Upper East Sider's day at this very moment. The house looks like it might have had a former life as a museum, embassy, alien hotel on Earth, or some other kind of building people don't actually live in, but as far as we can tell, it's been a townhouse for a while. Though the listing is sadly lacking in interior pictures, there are three bedrooms, four bathrooms, and two powder rooms, plus a media room-slash-fourth bedroom. There's an elevator and $168,000 in annual income from a neighbor who uses the garden. There were no takers when the property came on the market in 2008 asking $9.8 million, but now it's down to $7.995 million. Will the chop help?
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