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Forty Percent of Manhattan Buildings Hiding from Scott Stringer

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The Borough of Manhattan President's Office recently sent a team of intrepid building-counters to the streets for a game of hide-and-seek. The goal? Figure out how many buildings along particularly busy streets don't show their addresses. Turns out that, at least on thoroughfares like West 96th Street, Canal Street, and Broadway, it's as many as 40 percent. Since the city's administrative code requires building owners to display numbers so they can be seen from the sidewalk, this is a big no-no. So how to fix? Stringer proposes to give the Department of Sanitation building-numbering enforcement powers. He also wants the whole building numbering system upgraded a notch, with new legislation requiring numbers on side as well as main entrances. So the time to start brainstorming other excuses for lateness is now.
· 40 Percent of Manhattan's Street Addresses are Unmarked [MBPO]