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Greenpoint Home Comes With Family Feud; Hunting on $350K

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1) The Pavich family of Greenpoint wants you to buy their three-family building?with them still in it. The building, at 182 Kent Street, is on the market, but thanks to a wacky will situation, ground-floor occupants Helena and Michael Pavich don't plan on moving out any time soon. Helena's mother left her the opportunity to live in the apartment as long as she wants, but left the building to Helena's sister, who wants to sell it. Get in the middle of this family feud for $799,000. ['Three-Family Home for Sale (One Family Included)']

2) Now that there's some movement happening at Brooklyn Bridge Park, the Times asks some brokers and developers whether parks have any impact on real estate sales, anyway. There's no definitive answer, but brokers say visits by prospective buyers are up. And hey, the park will have NYC's largest ever sandbox. [Posting/'Brooklyn Bridge Park as Lure for a New Condo']

3) This week's hunters are a couple with simple tastes who knew only no-frills pads would be within their price range of $350,000 for two or more bedrooms. They left behind a $1,700/month Park Slope rental with a yard, garage, driveway, washer-dryer, and central air for a $350K three-bedroom in Sunset Park. They got it down to $342,000 after a walk-through that "was like Grant took Richmond." [The Hunt/'When the "Wow Factor" Isn't the Point']
4) Throwing a giant snowball in the face of all that talk about winter being a slow time for rentals were a bunch of new luxury New Jersey rental buildings, where lots of renters signed on the dotted line in January and February. Two of the biggest winners, both in Jersey City: 50 Columbus, with 35 new leases in January and 48 in February, and Grove Pointe, with 14 new leases in January and 24 in February. ['In New Jersey, a Warm Winter for Rentals']

5) At Brighton Beach's Trump Village, the co-op board is laying down the law and forcing tenants to choose: give up their dogs or lose their parking spaces. Doggy owners have already been charged $100 fines on top of their monthly maintenance fees and have signed on with a lawyer to protect their parking spots and pets. Brooklyn's just a dog-eat-dog world these days. ['Trump Village co-op in Brooklyn puts new bite in no-pet rule'/NYDN]