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Soho Landmark's More Naked Penthouse Steps Into the Spotlight

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Last week brought the reveal of some penthouse porn in Soho's landmark Little Singer Building on Broadway, but for those who weren't feeling the decor decisions, we came across another tempting tract right next door. Neighboring Penthouse #12BC boasts 4,000 square feet of open, raw loft space with an additional 1,300 of terrace up on the roof. Or at least it was raw. This dreamy expanse was sold for $5.8 million (chopped from the original $8 million) back in August 2008 by architect John Fulop. Now the place is being redone by Gage/Clemenceau Architects, a team that hearts Times Square and has even more love for fun stuff like water-jet cut surfaces. The design is still in hiding, but given this outfit's futuristic visions, chances are it won't be your standard Gotham getaway.
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Little Singer Building

561 Broadway, New York, NY

561 Broadway, New York, NY