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Dark Monolith Appears on Metropolitan Avenue, Seeks Buyers

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Location: 606 Metropolitan Avenue, btwn Lorimer/Leonard
Size: 10 one- to three-bedroom units
Prices: $389,000 to $679,000
Architect: Hernan Galvis, G Ateliers Architecture
Sales & Marketing: Shaun Sanchez, Prudential Douglas Elliman
Lowdown: This newcomer on Metropolitan Ave. just hit the market in the high-$600s-per-square-foot range, and what timing! After all, it just got the New York Shitty tribute treatment. The elevator building has a common roof deck and lots of balconies and those weird duplexes now synonymous with the North Brooklyn boom and the portfolio of architect Robert Scarano. This appears to be the sister building to The Villas II over on Skillman Ave., and the LLC that purchased the property is called Villas III. About the property: Building permits actually refer to this as an "enlargement" of the previous building. So what did this building look like pre-Cialis?

That's some makeover!
· 606 Metropolitan Avenue [StreetEasy]

606 Metropolitan Ave

606 Metropolitan Avenue, Brooklyn, NY