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Burg's New Domino Could Have Supermarket, School, Shuttle

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If built, the New Domino redevelopment of the old sugar refinery would be the biggest thing to hit the Williamsburg waterfront since the Grizzly Bear concert that brought out both Chuck Schumer and Jay-Z. But, oh, those white-hot controversies! We've been hearing a lot lately from opponents of the 2,200-unit megaplan?which is now in the public review process and headed for some critical votes after taking a few body blows?and developer CPC Resources has already pledged that 660 apartments will remain permanently affordable. But how is the developer responding to other complaints about the project? Fear not, the company's got a solution or two up its sleeve, and a CPC exec laid them out for Borough President Marty Markowitz at a hearing last week, which the Brooklyn Eagle helpfully recaps.

Marty sez: Guaranteeing that the affordable housing remains permanent? For reals?
CPC sez: "We are prepared and we are willing to sign a formal agreement with the city to guarantee permanent affordability of the 660 affordable units."

Marty sez: Bros, what about a much-needed supermarket?
CPC sez: "There is an upland site (across Kent Avenue) that has a 30,000-square-foot floorplate that would be ideal. Our goal is to find a full-service supermarket for that space."

Marty sez: Um, don't you realize the public transportation here blows?
CPC sez: "Yes, we have several mitigations in mind. We’ve had several conversations with the MTA about extending the Q59 bus, which currently runs along Kent Avenue, and about the MTA’s plan to change the M [subway] line to the V line to relieve the strain on the L train." Also, free shuttles!

Marty sez: And what about educatin' all these new lil' Burgers?
CPC sez: "The SCA (School Construction Authority) tells us that the schools in the area are at 48 percent capacity and there is no need for an additional school at this time. We have programmed a 150,000-square-foot community space, which could be used for a school if one is needed in the future."

But the New Domino peeps don't have a comeback for everything, like other common community complaints about the project's density, retail overload and the always-popular SCARY SHADOWS created by new towers. Maybe CPC is prepping those responses for the next debate club meeting.
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