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From Broken Dreams to Broken Umbrellas at Nolita Shack Site

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It's taken an act of God to wipe the last beefy whiff of the now-canceled Shake Shack out of the NIMBY heaven of Nolita. An installation of broken umbrellas now rests in the lot at 47 Prince Street following the weekend tempest. At least it looks like art, the way the plundered parasols bisect the lot as if a tsunami snatched them from nearby streets and washed them up on this asphalt shore. The site was the scene of another artistic exhibition last fall when Grenade Boy set up camp, and over the summer?when the parking lot was getting bored for burgers?one enterprising local offered artistic wares here, gallery-style. Now that the only hope for some sizzlin' Nolita patties anytime soon is the September arrival of San Gennaro, we look forward to other clever uses for this boulevard of broken burger dreams.

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