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Great Jones Hotel Gets Green Light to Sully Noho

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The concrete shell of the tall and skinny boutique hotel rising at 25 Great Jones Street has been hanging out largely untouched. Construction has essentially been frozen while the Landmarks Preservation Commission?which didn't get to initially review the hotel because construction began before the Noho Historic District was extended to cover the block?debated the proposed facade designed by architect Henry Smith-Miller, the second architect hired to pretty up the neighbor-angering finger building. That design includes a meshy metal skin etched with a pattern of leaves, a mock-up of which is seen above via the Archpaper, which reports that the LPC has given the go-ahead for the facade. The commission used the occasion to throw a few jabs at the building itself.

One commissioner told Smith-Miller, "I just think this is such an excellent project making so much out of so little that was provided to you." Added another, "This is a very inventive solution to an unfortunate and challenging problem, but as a solution, it will go a long way to overcoming the this out-of-scale building." Alrighty, we think it's clear that the gatekeepers of historic preservation will not be present at opening night of the hotel's Todd English restaurant, but imagine what they'd be saying if the original ultra-modern facade proposal, from TKA Studio, had ever made it in front of them:

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25 Great Jones Street

25 Great Jones Street, New York, NY