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Five NYC Landlords Having Worst Day Ever

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The Village Voice's 10 Worst Landlords list was the weekly's most eagerly anticipated annual feature not called Pazz & Jop. Sadly the incendiary list hasn't run since 2006, making it seem like the boom years defanged even our most ardent watchdogs. But the industry is once again ripe for having its dirty laundry aired, and the list is back with a vengeance! The first half of the two-part series names five alleged slumlords (in no particular order) based on code violations, lawsuits and interviews with tenants, attorneys and other landlords. Landlords big and small make appearances, like the owner of a single four-story building in Harlem, and the leader of mega-harasser Vantage Properties. There is much tenant despair described, but, as always, hope springs eternal. Says Williamsburg landlord Moishe Indig: "By next year, we hope you will be able to put the building back on the best-landlords list, instead of the worst!"
· New York's Ten Worst Landlords, Part 1 [Village Voice]