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Introducing the FreedomCam; Selling New York's Premiere Summarized; Ellis Island Money Troubles

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FIDI?There's now a camera streaming live images of the rise of the Freedom Tower 1 World Trade Center. Initial takeaway: Some times of the day are more optimal for viewing than others. [WTC Progress]

TV LAND?Tonight at 9pm is the premiere episode of Selling New York, the broker-following NYC reality show we've been minorly obsessed with. The summary of tonight's episode: "After a wealthy NYC couple gets a divorce, veteran broker Michele Kleier and her family rush to schedule a last minute photo shoot and open house to sell their lush Park Avenue apartment. Downtown, broker John Gomes schmoozes a potential buyer by taking her to Fashion Week, while planning a hip cocktail party at the site of a new property listing. One event pays off right away!" We'll have more on this tomorrow. [CurbedWire Inbox]

ELLIS ISLAND?The spooky and barely stable old hospital buildings on the closed off south side of Ellis Island are in jeopardy yet again. Save Ellis Island, the group formed to restore the buildings, is trying to raise $500,000 by April 2 or risk closing down and leaving more structures to crumble. [CurbedWireInbox]