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Trump Soho to Sell Something to Someone Next Month

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The Trump Soho hotel will open April 9th, but as some people remember (and many more would probably wish to forget, including the developers), the 46-story heartbreaker is actually a condo-hotel. So when will the buyers lining up to pay around $3,000 a foot for units they can only legally occupy for 120 days per year be able to finally make that dream come true? Very soon! The Real Deal reports that Trump Soho and its listing broker Prodigy International have sent out notices to the mysterious 55% that closings are set for mid-April, presumably right after the hotel opens. Interested? Prices start at $1.2 million for 425-square-foot hotel studios, according to Prodigy. Can The Donald at least throw in a spot on next season's Apprentice for every buyer?
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Trump Soho

246 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013