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Fort Greene Townhouse Has Two-Car Garage But No Picket Fence

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Suburban bliss awaits the buyer of the two-family townhouse at 54 St. Felix Street, because this little patch of Fort Greene happens to include its very own two-car garage. But if hot wheels aren't your thing, the listing notes that the 36' x 10' garage could easily be "transformed into a grand living space with direct access to the deep garden." Garage and a backyard? Only the price, $1.6 million, reminds us that this is Brooklyn we're talking about and not Anytown, U.S.A. Oh, and maybe the view...

Gaze up from most yards in the 'burbs and you probably don't see towers the size of One Hanson Place and Forté, which the photographer looks to have gone to great lengths to mostly exclude. Turning a nose up at the neighbors? Maybe this is the suburbs! Here's more from the listing:

· Listing: 54 St. Felix Street [Elliman]