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$34 Million West Village Mansion Looks Like This Now

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Photographer Albert Watson sold his epic 20,000-square-foot townhouse (70' wide, 31 rooms, fireplaces imported from France, etc.) at 777 Washington Street for $34 million, and the new owner?an English financier?promptly did what Watson hoped wouldn't happen: He reduced it to rubble. But the $34 million tear-down came with the promise that the house would be rebuilt with only a few modifications. Now 777 Washington v2.0 has climbed well over the plywood around the site. Construction is hidden under scaffolding and tarps, but Curbed intern Deanna Kawitzky asked nicely enough that a worker briefly pulled away the curtain to reveal, well, what you see above. Should look swell after a few more million.
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777 Washington Street

777 Washington Street, New York, NY