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Greenpoint Townhouse Doubles as Live-in Refrigerator

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The listing for this Greenpoint townhouse at 198 Green Street takes a diplomatic approach to its exterior: "The new artistic facade made quite a stir in the neighborhood at the time, imagine a stainless steel house." Imagine! One local resident who was stirred was New York Shitty's Miss Heather, who back in 2006 nicknamed the property the Subzero House:

"Frankly, it makes me want to hurl something at (or my dinner on) it...I for one would like to propose that upon completion [the light fixtures] be used as gallows for the owner of this property, the 'designer' responsible for this 'design concept' and the contractor who enabled it to happen." She grew a little fonder of the house after meeting its owner, but still, it's perhaps not totally surprising that the house just got its price chopped 11 percent, to $1.25 million. If only it had an ice maker on the front, we'd be sold!
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