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Three Cents Worth: Manhattan Market Madness!!!

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[This week, real estate appraiser, Curbed graph guru and podcaster extraordinaire Jonathan Miller officially loses his mind.]

Click to expand the madness! If still not big enough, click here!

After reeling from my terrible showing in two March Madness pools this week (yes, already), I needed to vent, bracket-wise.

This chart takes the neighborhoods and submarkets by region I analyzed in the 2000-2009 Manhattan Market Report (warning: PDF) and inserts them into an NCAA bracket style format. Not very analytical but its late Friday and a little levity is called for.

I used the comparison of year-over-year price per square foot. Rising prices occurred in two markets and declines occurred in 36 markets presented. Least decline wins. Broken out by region. Of course, Battery Park City was skewed higher by new development closings that went to contract before the credit crunch. Same goes for the Financial District condo market (the second most positive market).
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