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The PriceChopper Axe Falls Across Brooklyn

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There was that quick $12.5 million stop on the Upper East Side, but it turns out Brooklyn's really where the PriceChopper's at, at least for the last 24 hours. We turned to StreetEasy to get a sense of the choptinerary and the little bit of bloodshed left in its wake:

1) Address: NV, 101 North 5th Street
Chopped: All five units on the market.
Prices Before: $659,000-$860,000
Prices Now: $629,000-$829,000
Percent Chopped: 4-6 percent

2) Address: 360 12th Street
Chopped: All four on-the-market apartments
Prices Before: $829,000-$1.199 million
Prices Now: $819,000-$1.149 million
Percent Chopped: 1-6 percent.

3)Address: 73 Grand Avenue and 75 Grand Avenue
Chopped: All five units in 73 Grand all three units in 75 Grand
Prices Before: At 73 Grand: $335,000-$599,000; at 75 Grand: $499,000-$735,000
Prices Now: At 73 Grand: $299,000-$465,000; at 75: $445,000-$649,000.
Percent Chopped: At 73 Grand: 7-25 percent; At 75 Grand: 11-17 percent

nV Williamsburg

101 North 5th Street, Brooklyn, NY 11249