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LIC Development Update-o-rama: Crescent Club! L Haus! The View!

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Time now to spend some of our Friday afternoon with our friends along the 7 train...

1) We were surprised to see a new listing pop up for Crescent Club, the amenity-heavy (putting green! A Madonna baby-daddy!) Queens Plaza condo building that stalled out and gave buyers refunds. Is this zombie ready to rise? Nope. Elliman broker Avi Voda tells us, "Units are not available, but I am really hoping to have this building back to the market as I have a large list of buyers that are looking forward to purchase at the Crescent."

2) The bulk of L Haus's listings are still not online, but a pair of cheaper 720ish-square-foot 1BRs priced at $495,000 and $510,000 just joined the party. A handful of sub-$400k closings have hit public record, but in a very lively StreetEasy thread on the building, someone claims the sales office told him the building is 29% sold and in contract. Plenty of incentives being handed out right now.

3) Speaking of shadow inventory coming out of hiding, Queens West waterfront luxury building The View is more open following the split of the Rockrose brothers into two companies (the building is now in the portfolio of developer TF Cornerstone.) Whereas the onetime Jesuscondo used to be cagey on pricing and inventory data, there are now a handful of listings Viewable (har!) via StreetEasy, including some big-ticket listings that just went online. That includes a 3BR first-floor unit with a big private garden for $1.65 million, and a penthouse seeking just over $1,000/sf at $1.56 million. The building appears to be only around 20% sold (anyone got more solid intel? UPDATE: Boom!), and since Rockrose held on to the EastCoast luxury rental building with the year-round pool and other amenities that The View residents were supposed to have access to, it looks like Viewers instead have access to the less-awesome amenities (no pool!) at the slightly older and now TF Cornerstone-controlled rental next door. Got all that?
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