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PriceChopper Stops by Sutton Place for Ides of March Special

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The two-bedroom, two-bathroom co-op #3AK at 321 East 54th Street didn't sell when it first came on the market asking $1.175 million in the slightly less dark times of August 2008. So it went off the market in February of last year asking $859,000 and, after taking nine months to, we presume, wallow in its misery, popped back up at $849,000 in November. And did a sale soon follow? Nope! This is usually the point in the story when the apartment would see a swift chop or two. And it will, but in this case, the choppage is not the standard kind. The apartment's $20,000 price cut will stick around for two weeks only: until March 15, the apartment is asking $828,000. (After which we assume it'll go back up to $849,000 should it fail to sell.) Will one bloody fortnight be enough to get the place into contract?

· Listing: 321 East 54th Street, #3AK [Starrnic Properties]
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