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Tokio's East Village Tumor; Brits and Aussies Unite on UWS; More!

We recently launched a national version of Racked, which now lives at New York City coverage is now at Racked NY's new URL,

1) East Village: The protruding new storefront dubbed the "7th Street Tumor" by Vanishing New York will house quirky consignment shop Tokio 7, which is moving from its nearby basement to the 3,000-square-foot space. Hey neighbors: loud bar avoided!

2) UWS: The plywood shed that just popped up at 160 Columbus Avenue will indeed be the location of Burberry's more casual Brit collection, taking over for the departed Reebok store. On your best behavior, Uggs.

3) Soho: A Soho boutique is using Kurt Cobain's name to sell organic cashmere thread. This is the sound of your adolescence weeping.

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