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Closings Begin, Megapenthouse Unleashed at 535 West End Avenue

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The new luxury condo building at 535 West End Avenue, which mimics fellow Upper West Side blockbuster 15 Central Park West in both "modern pre-war" styling and monocle cracking prices, is finally ready to settle up. Back when the Extell-developed building was a Development Du Jour, half-floor and full-floor units (with kosher kitchens!) in the Lucien Lagrange Architects-designed building were priced from $8.75 million to $21 million. Now the first deal has closed, a 3,744-square-foot, 5BR, 4.5BA chunk of the ninth floor. The asking price was $9.5 million, but it ended up selling for $7,113,600, a 25% drop. The buyer (cloaked behind an international law firm) still ended up paying a healthy $1,900/sf, but 535 WEA's ambitions were much higher. Still, let's not dwell on puny #7B, because the building's penthouse makes it look like amateur hour.

Last week a Curbed tipster pointed out that no listing has yet surfaced for the top two floors at 535 West End Avenue, causing him to speculate on the size and overall epicness of the mysterious duplex. But it wasn't much of a mystery, because as a commenter pointed out, the penthouse's stats and layout are spelled out in the thick condo declaration filed with the city. Brace yourself.

On that paperwork, the penthouse is listed at 12BRs, 12.5BAs and 13,779 square feet, with a private roof deck adding another 2,339 square feet of outdoor space. The floorplan uses some of those earmarked bedrooms for other purposes, but the point has been made. What follows is the complete floorplan porn, but our humble little weblog can only support images so big. To zoom in on the nitty-gritty details, download the penthouse floorplan PDF. Behold.

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Lower floor highlights: Two staff rooms; fitness room; a master suite that includes a fireplace in the bedroom, a gigantic tub in the bathroom and a his-and-her closer bigger than some studio apartments.

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Upper floor highlights: Living room and library off the gallery; formal dining room and a separate breakfast room; media room; two kitchens to satisfy your kosher diet, or just to have a spare beer fridge.

Roof terrace highlights: Total building supremacy; the soothing hum of building mechanicals; what looks like some sort of grilling station.

So when will the penthouse hit the market? How much will it cost? Will Extell divide it up? We have no idea! A building rep declined to comment. But whatever ends up happening, it appears that offering 25% off isn't out of the question.

UPDATE: A tipster plugged into all the "west side synagogue chatter" passes along the rumor that the duplex "has been sold for some time to an orthodox hedgie. There has also been lots of talk about several buyers being cross pollinated from the Belnord (where they were market renters)."
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