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New Domino Developers Defend Affordable Housing Plans

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In response to some serious criticism (what? fliers are serious!) of its affordable housing plans, the developers of Williamsburg's New Domino project are speaking up. Contrary to rumors flapping on windshields all over Williamsburg, the affordable component of the 2,000-unit project will stay permanently affordable rather than going market-rate after 15 years, the developer tells The Real Deal. New Domino isn't actually subject to the 2005 Williamsburg/Greenpoint rezoning that requires permanent affordability, but the developers say they decided to go with it anyway. So is the community happy? Nuh-uh! New Domino's developers still won't change the project density in response to complaints from Community Board 1's Land Use Committee, the Post reports. And local activists say the income requirements for affordable housing are too high for the neighborhood.
The income limits for the majority of the affordable apartments at New Domino are higher than South Williamsburg's average annual income for a family of four, $35,000, one local activist charges. Specifically, 15 percent of the apartments are rentals for a household equal to a family of four earning up to $23,040. Half are rentals for a household earning up to $46,080. Twenty percent are available for purchase for households earning up to $99,840. Fifteen percent are rentals for seniors with incomes up to $38,400. Activists also argue the market-rate apartments in the complex will drive other neighborhood prices up. So it looks like this tussle isn't over yet. Just make sure to recycle those fliers!
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