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High Line-Straddling Office Building About To Get Glassed

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The Post's Steve Cuozzo is ready to see some glass at The High Line Building, aka 450 West 14th Street. Happily, so are the developers! Developer Charles Blaichman tells Cuozzo that the glass will start going up on the MePa office building?10 stories on top of an existing brick meatpacking plant that straddles the High Line?by next Monday or Tuesday. Cuozzo isn't exactly hopeful, since it's the third time the developers have promised imminent glassing of the building. Plus, there's a mysterious request pending for a permit to pump up to 720,000 gallons of groundwater into the sewage system every day, which the developer says is in case of heavy rainful. In any event, Blaichman promises the mechanicals are done, and future tenants say they know of no construction problems other than snow delays. All shall be revealed next week.
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