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Soho's 350 West Broadway Gets Rocked

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They've pulled down the shed in front of developer Aby Rosen's 350 West Broadway in Soho, and what's seen now is pretty imposing. The main doorway leading to the seven full-floor residences has been surrounded with double-height stone slabs in deep textured gray, adding a vault-like look that's not inappropriate given the art collection to be housed inside. Or the art that's there right now! The vacant retail space has been given over to the Brucennial 2010, showcasing over 400 artists. The exhibit, which "happens every two years, or really, you know, whenever we feel like it," will be on view through April 12. As for the apartments, the post-choppage prices are still running around $3K a square foot. Collectors take note.
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350 West Broadway (Real Estate For Sale)

350 West Broadway, New York, New York 10013

350 West Broadway

350 West Broadway, New York, NY