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Home Design Megashow Digested; Sales Update at LIC's View

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HELL'S KITCHEN?Over the weekend the annual Architectural Digest Home Design Show took over Pier 94 on the Hudson River. The decor porn extravaganza featured displays by over 300 designers and brands. A high-ranking Curbed operative was in the building, and therefore we present you with the above photos from the event, stripped of any helpful context or details. We like them better that way. [CurbedWire Staff]

LIC?In our Long Island City Development Update-o-rama last week, we asked for more solid intel on sales figures at waterfront condo building The View. In swoops developer TF Cornerstone, which lets us know the building is 30% sold. And as told by a commenter, residents still have access (for now) to the amenities spaces at former sister building 4705 Center Boulevard, the rental tower that stayed with Rockrose when the developer split into two companies. [CurbedWire Inbox]