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What Renter's Market? Truffles Tribeca Breaks the Piggy Bank

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If ever there was a luxury rental compound to be totally obsessed with, it would be Truffles Tribeca. And we are! Just comb through the archives for a taste of the Truffles madness: the creepy mannequins, the provocative ads, the residents' clubhouse/opium den (right), the gated community vibe?it's bonkersville on Desbrosses Street. But now that the two-building, 291-unit complex has been open for a year, how's it holding up? Pretty darn well, if the latest promotional e-mail dispatch from Big Truff is to believed.

Introductory prices started at $2,200/month for studios and $3,100 for one-bedrooms back when the buildings opened. The rental market hasn't quite heated up in the past year, but now one-bedroom apartments start at $3,750 and studios?none of which aret even available until May?start at $2,795. Maybe these availabilities are on higher floors than the early, cheaper stuff, but these are not the fancypants courtyard maisonettes that command the private-entrance premiums. We've heard whispers of landlords "testing" rent increases recently, but kicking rents up over 20%? More power to 'em, but can we get a closer look at those mushrooms?
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